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Assessment & Planning

Before you embark on the long and formidable process of managing your network infrastructure, we offer consultation by one of our senior engineers to help determine the best path forward for your company.

  • Onsite or Remote Consultation

    We are available to assess and advise you on your network setup either from our offices here in Redding or on-site at your location. In either case, we will analyze your current networking situation and assist you in determining your company’s full IT needs.

  • Your IT Roadmap (IT Business Plan)

    After our consultation, we can provide you with an “IT Roadmap.” As your business grows, your IT needs will undoubtedly change. Whether that means adding new employees, moving locations, or changing software needs, your system must adapt to your organizational growth. Our IT Roadmaps are designed to help you anticipate those needs and provide you with suggestions to maintain your network as well as prepare for growth. Our customers find that these IT Roadmaps are invaluable pieces of information when assessing their infrastructure both now and in the future.